IC3E 2024 | Chengdu, China | Mar.29-31, 2024

Welcome to the official website of 2024 7th International Conference on Environmental and Energy Engineering (IC3E 2024). IC3E 2024 conference, in conjunction with ICSDGB 2024, is co-organized by Asia Pacific Institute of Science and Engineering(APISE) and International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS), media supported by Sustainability. The conference will be hosted in Xiangyu Hotel · Chengdu, China from Mar.29 to 31, 2024! It is a leading forum for researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. We invite the submission of original research contributions.
欢迎访问IC3E 2024官方会议网站!由亚太科学与工程研究所和国际环境信息科学学会联合主办, 期刊Sustainability提供媒体支持的第七届环境与能源工程国际会议(简称IC3E 2024),及其分会ICSDGB 2024, 将于2024年3月29-31日在中国成都·祥宇宾馆举行!此会议是研究人员、实践者、开发人员和用户探索前沿思想和交流技术、工具和经验的一个领先论坛。我们诚挚邀请提交原创研究成果。

Publication & Indexing 出版及检索

1) All accepted submissions should be presented at conference. Selected papers with high quality and great extension will be recommended to publish in Journal of Environmental Informatics Letters, ISSN: 2663-6859 after the conference. JEIL is a Scopus indexed journal.
所有接收的投稿均须在会上宣读。优秀及拓展文章可在会后推荐出版至期刊 Journal of Environmental Informatics Letters (JEIL),ISSN: 2663-6859

JEIL link: http://jeiletters.org/index.php?journal=mys&page=index

Conference Date // 会议日期: Mar. 29 to 31, 2024 / 2023年3月29日-31日
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Abstract Submission Deadline(For Presenter)//摘要投稿截止日期(限报告者):
Nov.30, 2023 / 2023年11月30日 Extended to Jan.30, 2024 / 延期至2024年1月30日
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Notification Of Acceptance // 通知日期:
Dec.30, 2023 / 2023年12月30日 Extended to Feb.15, 2024 / 延期至2024年2月15日
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Registration Deadline // 注册截止日期:
Jan.30, 2024 / 2024年1月30日 Extended to Feb.28, 2024 / 延期至2024年2月28日

Program Overview 日程预览

Program Overview will be available on February, 2024. 会议简版日程将于2024年2月公布。
Full program will be available on Middle March, 2024.完整版日程将于2024年3月中旬公布。

Mar.29th, 2024
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Mar.30th, 2024
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Mar.31th, 2024
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Submission Method投稿方式

Authors Can Submit Their Manuscripts In PDF / WORD Through Electronic Submission System Or Email 作者可通过在线投稿系统或者邮箱投稿。避免重复投稿,请只选择一种方式:


P.s. Before submission, please format your paper according to template. 投稿前,请确保您的文章已经安排模板进行排版。

Call for papers-topics征文主题

Energy and Environment 能源与环境:

Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation 生态与生物多样性保护
Environmental Pollution & Management环境污染与管理
Environmental Hydraulics环境水力学
Sustainable Development可持续发展
Environmental Ergonomics环境工效学
Air pollution from Mobile and Stationary Sources来自移动和固定源的空气污染
Climate change气候变化
Noise and Acoustics噪音和声学
Electromagnetic Waves and Telecommunication电磁波与电信
Hazardous Waste and Waste Treatment危险废物和废物处理
Industrial Waste Treatment工业废物处理
Water Pollution and Treatment水污染及治理
Solid Waste Management固体废物管理
Air Pollution Control and Equipment空气污染控制与设备
Pollution Prevention in Industry 工业污染防治

Advanced Energy Technologies 先进能源技术:

Renewable Energy Sources可再生能源
Solar Electricity and PV Applications太阳能电力和光伏应用
Solar cell Technology, Solar Cell materials, Testing and Efficiency太阳能电池技术,太阳能电池材料,测试和效率
Solar Thermal Applications太阳热能应用程序
Wind Energy风能
Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Tides and Waves水力发电、地热、潮汐和海浪
Biogas and Biomass沼气和生物质能
Hybrid Energy Systems混合能源系统
Integrated Energy Systems综合能源系统
Rural Electrification农村电气化
Alternative Fuels可替代燃料
NG as Fuel for Rural transportation天然气作为农村交通燃料
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells氢和燃料电池
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles混合动力和电动汽车
Bio-diesel Fuels生物柴油燃料

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